Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will there be a cyclone?? Will it cross Chennai around 21st May 2010

The US Centres for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), too, shows southwest Sri Lanka being hit during the week ending May 21. The NCEP has gone on to signal heavy precipitation over the Tamil Nadu coast and over the north-eastern States concurrently during May 21 to 28.

Meanwhile, the CPC points towards the possibility of enhanced convective phase of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave and numerical weather forecast guidance forcing tropical storm formation for the Arabian Sea during next week. The CPC outlook also said that the active MJO phase would trigger enhanced rainfall for the eastern Indian Ocean and the maritime continent during this phase as well as the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Interestingly, it sees possible tropical storm spinning up over the southwest Bay of Bengal thereafter.

This is exactly the scenario being envisioned by Prof Paul Roundy, a leading US-based ocean weather forecaster, to unfold around May 25.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) has predicted that the South-West monsoon may hit Sri Lanka around May 20, a week before schedule.

Source:Business Line
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