Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last Cyclones to cross near chennai

Cyclone Ogni 2006

One of the wettest cyclones in NIO basin. Chennai got heavy rains and registered 50km/hr winds.

Tropical Cyclone 08B (1996)

This storm played cat & mouse and finally crossed Chennai on Dec 7th evening. i still remember this storm its so fresh in my mind)

Tropical Cyclone 05A (1996)

Not much wind speed wen it crossed near Chennai. It holds the record for longest cyclone in NIO basin.

Severe Cyclonic Storm BOB 03 (1994) (04B JTWC Name)

The first time i witnessed a storm fury. This storm crossed at mid night and i was just able to hear the wind sound it was terrifying. Most trees got uprooted in our colony.

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