Monday, June 27, 2011

Below normal monsoon in last 30 days in Southern peninsula

The dry phase from a passing Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) has ended. In the wet phase we can see how it helps the interior parts of the southern peninsula and also North East India. As on 27th June the mighty Cherrapunji (Annual 12000 mm) has got only 1101 mm which is below normal by 1396 mm. The same can be said for Passighat (Annual 4300 mm) which has got only 292 which is below normal by 463 mm. Shirali (Annual 4100 mm)in Karnataka has got only 934 mm which is below normal by 285 mm. Coochbehar (Annual 3400 mm) in West Bengal has got 376 mm which is below normal by 271 mm. Same way Buxa, Maheran have also got below normal rains.

In Tamilnadu except Chennai all district are having deficient rainfall.

The same is throughout Southern India. I have done a analysis and you can yourself see the results for the rainfall in last 30 days

Actual Accumulated rainfall

Normal Rainfall

The deviation from Normal

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