Sunday, July 17, 2011

Agumbe has got 686 mm rainfall in last 4 days

As expected the monsoon is been merciless in West Coast. The following are the rainfall recorded by Agumbe in last 4 days

14.07.2011 - 91 mm
15.07.2011 - 106 mm
16.07.2011 - 153 mm
17.07.2011 - 336 mm

Total rainfall it has got from this season (01.06.2011 to 17.07.2011 - 47 days) is 3038 mm till today and is now second behind Kollur in the race to be the wettest place this monsoon in India.

Rajesh, why is that this swm the west coast is getting copious rainfall than their average.

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Kaneyen said...

Dear Pradeep,
SWM 2011 winds at levels 1.0-1.3km during JULY are active in Arabian Sea. That is why, the stations co located with Agumbe within 20-25km radius such as Kollur, Hulikal, Sithapura etc are receiving heavy rainfall. As pointed out by my friend Shri. Mruthunjya [Meteorologist, Bengaluru]'AGUMBE' is considered as representative station for those heavy RF stations located from coast to hills.
Further the MASCARENE HIGH [MH] in the southern hemisphere [30 Deg S / 70 Deg E] is weak and cross equatorial flow is NOT so prominent along Somalia coast. or MH is weak and located north to the NORMAL position.The upper level winds will be strengthened in later weeks of JULY and early August to give a boost the monsoon activity.
Owing to this reasons perhaps SWM winds with strength below 1.0km amsl in Arabian Sea is active and this gave copious rainfall in 14-15 deg parallel.