Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kollur again tops South India Rainfall with 200 mm rainfall

Its total rainfall is around 280 cm in this monsoon. It has got above 10cm rainfall 11 days out of total 34 days and above 8-10 5 days.

Top 5 SWM till 04.07.2011

  1. Kollur, Karnataka - 2797 mm
  2. Cherrapunji, Meghyala - 2246 mm
  3. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra - 2164 mm
  4. Agumbe, Karnataka - 2014 mm
  5. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra - 1952 mm
  6. Kadra, Karnataka - 1945 mm

Will Kollur topple Agumbe or Cherrapunji this season for the SWM end....its possible


Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,
Again I am to insist you to cross verify the data of Kollur. Quality of rainfall measurement mainly depends on the type of the raingauge available and the type of measure jar available at the station. Further the time of measurement of rainfall in all days i.e at 0830 hrs IST or 0300 hrs GMT is important and that has to be ascertained.
I have been to many such "supposed to be heavy rainfall stations" [of course in Tamilnadu only] and I have come cross irrelevant measure glass in such places.
For example, in Chinna Kallar the TNPWD is having raingauge. This is FRP type raingauge and the measurements are taken with 25mm measure glass which is NOT suited for this raingauge. The rain measurements taken with this 25mm measure jar is erroneous and will give a boosted value.
Hence a correction factor [127/200=0.635]has to be applied to get actual rainfall.
One has to ascertain the quality of data before declaring facts about the stations.
This is for your kind information,

Pradeep said...

Kollur average rainfall is nearly 5000 mm just because it is getting heavy rains doesnt mean the rain gauge is boosted.

Remember wen chennai got 256 cm which is twice its annual rainfall of 122 cm does it mean the rainfall is wrong and faulty.

Kollur is one of the heavy rainfall places in india during monsoon.

I dont think its boosted value. Last year also it has got good rains from June to August.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that KOLLUR falls under very heavy rainfall category stations whose annual rainfall is [> or =]5000mm. Pradeep Sir, if possible please inquire about the type of raingauge and / or Measure glass available at AGUMBE / CHINNA KALLAR / UPPER KOTHIYAR etc.
I do agree KOLLUR is a very heavy rainfall region. Apart from IMD, reliable independent source must also come forward and confirm the value. This will affirm the quality of data and data authentication.
However I totally agree with your compilation of rainfall and ranking based on the available data which is TRUE for this SWM 2011 also.