Monday, August 5, 2013

Top private weather sites in India

Of late there are many interesting weather sites put out by individuals, with lots of valuable information. Some of the sites i have compiled are as follows. The Alexa Rank shows where they stand. The was used for analysis. The number of hits in some blogs will be higher due the blog being hosted for more number of years than others.

1. Kea Weather Station (India's first bloggers automated weather station)  -  Total Page Views - 37,79,921

Alexa Rank - 4,16,171
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 2,016
Blog Worth - $ 12,457

Its the first private automated station station and is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Kea stands for K Ehsan Ahmed. It is one of the best automated system one can see in this world integrated with the weather link software.

2. Ring Road Weather Station - Total Page Views  - ????

Alexa Rank - 3,85,465
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 3,131
Blog Worth - $ 19,603

This website by Ashok Patel is the first private automated weather station in Rajkot, Gujarat. His interview can be seen here ETV Interview Ashok Patel. He writes for forecast articles for many newspapers. The blog worth is the highest of all weather blogs in India and also has the most projected revenue per year.
3. Keaweather Bloggers -  Total Page Views  - 15,99,651

Alexa Rank - 3,75,064
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 2,196
Blog Worth - $ 12,188

Its a website coupled with blog, must visit for all weather lovers, i can put it in other words "its a blog that never sleeps" and has its own character and we are all one big family. So many bloggers are available to share their views. Personally i wake up in this site and the same way it will be my last site i see before i go to sleep. Because of this blog, Chennai has become weather blogging capital of India and made it to the news than any other blogs in the country. News items of Keabloggers.

 4. Indian Weatherman - Total Page Views - 8,60,841

Alexa Rank - 20,07,569
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 252
Blog Worth - $ 2,071
Its a blog owned by Rakesh Rajan from Chennai, who has strategist by making most of the weather bloggers in India as authors in his blog including him. The blog is always active with new posts. The blog has a national coverage with more weightage to Chennai.

5. Vagaries of the weather -  Total Page Views - 4,57,328

Alexa Rank - 45,90,299
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 83
Blog Worth - $ 2,393

Its a blog by Rajesh Kapadia concentrating on meteorology of the Indian Sub-continent and extreme world weather. His views are highly regarded and 100% accurate. Wen there is rain in Mumbai, people visit his blog for his forecast. I personally think he is the best freelance weather predictor available in India. And his blog is getting good number of visitors, it recently crossed 4 lakh mark. His views are also hired by The Business Line. He also writes forecast articles for many newspapers.

6. Metd Weather - Total Page Views - 2,29,257

Alexa Rank - 177,48,881
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 18
Blog Worth - $ 332

Akshay Deoras is the owner of this blog started in 2009. A student of 12th grade, he started forecasting and chasing severe weather. I wish him memorable time in predicting weather in his future.

7. Cloud and Sunshine - Total Page Views - 2,12,262

Alexa Rank - 100,16,368
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $54
Blog Worth - $ 529

This blog is created by Dr R. R. Kelkar, former Director General of the India Meteorological Department, New Delhi (1998-2003) in 2007. After his retirement from IMD, he had served as ISRO Chair Professor at the Department of Atmospheric and Space Sciences of the University of Pune (2004-2008).
Earlier, Prof Kelkar has been the President of the Indian Meteorological Society (1997-99) and an elected member of the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization, Geneva (1999-2003). Presently, he is a member of the Governing Council of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, and the Chairman of its Research Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Space Sciences of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Prof Kelkar has written three books: ‘Satellite Meteorology’ in 2006, ‘Monsoon Prediction’ in 2008 and ‘Climate Change – A Holistic View’ in 2010. He has published more than 50 scientific papers in meteorology. He is a Fellow of the Indian Meteorological Society and a recipient of the IJMG Award and the J. Das Gupta Award.

8. Tamil Nadu Weatherman  - Total Page Views - 1,00,042

Alexa Rank - 60,27,872
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 65
Blog Worth - $ 549

Its a blog owned by me (Pradeep John) and started in 2010. I am following rainfall from 1990 from Chennai, i used to collect the Daily weather reports rainfall stats which come in "The Hindu'" news paper. I have taken the lead now by putting weather stats to all the weather fans in India through my blog. This blog mainly tracks all the heavy rainfall places in India. I also provide the rainfall rankings of the wettest places of India. India Today Interview of mine can be seen here - India Today Interview

9. Rajan's Take: Climate Change - Total Page Views - ????

Alexa Rank - 91,96,171
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 33
Blog Worth - $ 1,324

Its a blog by Rajan Alexander mostly on climate change and also posts on weather of India.

10. Temperature Live - Total Page Views - ????

Alexa Rank - 9,58,246
Estimated Yearly Revenue - $ 756
Blog Worth - $ 4,367

This site mostly archives the Daily Weather Reports from IMD and temperature of Indian cities. It is part of the  Jumping Ant Solutions company and the blog was established in 2010 in Chennai.

11. South India Weatherman  - Total Page Views - 552

Alexa Rank - Not ranked
Estimated Yearly Revenue -Nil revenue
Blog Worth - $ 99

The blog started was in 2011. The updates are not frequent.

12. Tanvir Weather Blog - Total Page Views - ????

Alexa Rank - Not ranked

Estimated Yearly Revenue -Nil revenue
Blog Worth - $ 5
This site by Tanvir mostly archives the Daily Weather Reports and Satellite Imagery from IMD.



I appreciate your efforts of compiling the top 10 weather bloggers of India.

However, in future I will ask you to obtain proper information from the bloggers including me about their blogs/Facebook pages, recent developments etc before making this list. I can see that information was collected from Kea,Vagaries, RingRoad,RRKelkar.. The information of METD WEATHER has been obtained from the blog which is rarely updated now as we have moved to a better - Facebook platform ( with better and clear goals and recent developments also which unfortunately have been missed In this list. Due to the same reason, the page views have gone down (which is being counted from May 2010) but we have significant increase in the Facebook supporters number.

Since all the blogs weren't started at the same time,there always will be a variation in their page views, I feel, you should change the parameter of listing from page views to something else. By doing this, those who have been listed at the bottom ( and may have potentials) won't be discouraged. Also I feel there is no need of comparing among the weather bloggers as everyone has a different objective and I don't know about others but personally I am working on improving this weather forecasting system.

My best wishes,
Akshay Deoras

Pradeep said...

@ Akshay Deoras

You are spot on "Since all the blogs weren't started at the same time,there always will be a variation in their page views" I have mentioned the same in the top 2 lines.

I dont need to ask anyone views. Its my compilation and all the page counters are there in the sites.

Its only a stat, dont take it personally. Just ignore it if you are not interested are dont like the article.


Pradeep said...

@ Akshay, the same is applicable to others too.


In the future, I will also ask you not to lincude METD WEATHER in your list ( even if the rank comes #1) as we don't want to compare ourselves with other bloggers when there is no need to compare as such. I didnt start my blog to allow others to compare. Give more chance to young,budding weather bloggers than the dominant old generation blogs,PLEASE. Don't discourage them!

Akshay Deoras

rajesh said...

Pradeep, this is the second in the series, the first one was done and compiled some time back.
Its good and extensive, and no one need take it personally.
Congrats to you for the 1 lac mark, and wish you further success...which i ams sure you will get.

Akshay: No individual briefing was taken by pradeep , and he has done with personal search and efforts.

Shiva HEAD said...

Hello Pradeep,

Kudos for the efforts you have put in to reach this level..It is a known fact that the study and research of weather is a never ending journey and nature has this habit of testing the best of experts,,Nice to know the number of Blog sites related to weather in our country..Keep up the good work and hope each and every blog site grows in stature and provide the much needed knowledge about the weather patterns.



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