Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Talacauvery becomes the first station to cross 2000 mm rainfall in 26 days for the 2013 monsoon.

In 1974, fourteen rainfall stations whose mean annual rainfall is 5000 mm or more were identified.  These fourteen stations have been called the rainiest stations of India. Of these 14 stations is Bhagamandala which has an average rainfall of 6030 mm. But above which, a more wetter place lies like Cherrapunji has Mawsynaram or Agumbe has Hulikal. This place is located 8 kms from Bhagamandala. Its called as Talacauvery. The average rainfall is expected to be higher than that of Bhagamandala's 6030 mm. When ever it rains from the stats Talacauvery gets atleast 10-15% more rain than Bhagamandala. Hence,its average rainfall will expected near 7000 mm.

Talacauvery - Photo - Tumkurameen Blog

Talacauvery (meaning head of Cauvery) is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the river Cauvery. near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka. However, there is not a permanent visible flow from this place to the main rivercourse except during the rainy season.  A tank or kundike has been erected on a hillside, at the place that is said to be the origin. It is also marked by a small temple, and the area is frequented by pilgrims. The river originates as a spring feeding this tank, which is considered to be a holy place to bathe on special days. The waters are then said to flow underground to emerge as the Cauvery river some distance away.  Talakaveri is about 8 km away from Bhagamandala and 48 km from Madikeri.

Rainfall in Monsoon 2013

In monsoon 2013, in just 26 days it became the first station to cross 2000 mm rainfall with an rainfall of 200 mm on 26th June 2013. Its SWM rainfall stands at 2059 mm. Way ahead than other peers which gets over 6000 mm on the same date in the state of Karnataka ie Kollur - 1631 mm, Agumbe - 1562 mm, Bhagamandala - 1560 mm and Nilkund - 1531 mm

Fastest to 2000 mm in last 5 years

2013 - Talacauvery & Hulikal - 26 days
2012 - Cherrapunji  - 25 days
2011 - Amgaon - 25 days
2010 - Cherrapunji - 21 days
2009 - Cherrapunji - 32 days

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