Monday, June 16, 2014

All India SWM Toppers (15 days) from 01.06.2014 to 15.06.2014

The much awaited toppers is back, but the rains are not much compared to last year ( ). North East dominate the topper list this SWM Season.  Only two stations were from Peninsular India. All other station are from North East. Expecting the list to be longer in the next update on 30.06.2014.

in mm (min 500 mm)

1.Rongo, West Bengal - 810
2.Gossaigaon, Assam - 703
3.Barobhisha, West Bengal - 671
4.Panbari, Assam - 665
5.Kajalgaon, Assam - 640
6.Jalpaiguri, West Bengal - 577
7.Cheruthazham, Kerala - 556
8.Chepan, West Bengal - 545
9.Dinhata, West Bengal - 541
10.BP Ghat, Assam - 540
11.Kodungallur, Kerala - 530
12.Alipurduar, West Bengal - 530
13.Mawsynaram, Meghalaya - 510
14.Williamnagar, Meghalaya - 500
15.Kokrajhar, Assam - 500


Ashin Thariyan said...

Cherrapunjee is not even 350 mm till 15 Jun. That's more than 70% down on the normal. The last one month has been terrible for the place. Any idea what's going on?

Pradeep said...

@ Ashin, i am also surprised with near by Duars in West Bengal and Assam getting heavy rains, Cherra did not get any. Mawsynaram too got only around 500 mm. Lets see with monsoon setting in. Things will change in the next 2 weeks.

Royath Rak said...

What about Agumbe, Talacauvery & Hulikal? A Very Poor start to monsoon.

Pradeep said...

All three had a very bad start. It was less than 300 mm

Kaneyen said...

The behavior of SWM 2014 is peculiar. As I stated in Vagaries, when there is no sign of development of ELNINO [absent] the SWM behavior is controlled by Southern Indian Ocean pressure pattern. The 'Dhashana Moorthy " or the Power House of monsoon 'MASCARENE HIGH" is playing a decisive role. This produces rumbles in North Indian Ocean [i.e both in Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal]resulting weak monsoonal flow in Arabian Sea than compared to Bay of Bengal. At or upto 850 hPa the moisture content will be optimum and further aloft it may be reduced. The lower troposphere levels are WARMER than NORMAL. The moisture content from Indian Ocean is lower and full saturation is attained above 1.5km asl. Due to orographic ascent the air is lifted up near western ghats and gives moderate to normal rainfall [last two days] over very heavy rainfall regions like Sholaiyar etc.