Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hulikal crosses 4000 mm in style in just 44 days and analysis of fastest 4000 mm in last 5 years.

Talacauvery is the  fastest to 2000 but it was Hulikal which was the fastest in 3000 mm this SWM. In the case of 4000 mm again it was the mighty Hulikal. Mastikatte and Talacauvery put up a close fight but it was Hulikal again and it managed to cross 4000 mm in just 44 days.

Fastest to 4000 mm in last 5 years

2013 - Hulikal, Karnataka - 44 days
2012 - Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 41 days
2011 - Kollur & Amgaon, Karnataka- 48 days
2010 - Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 40 days
2009 - Hulikal, Karnataka - 53 days
The Top 10 rainfall till 14.07.2013 (44 days) 

in mm
  1. Hulikal, Karnataka - 4022
  2. Mastikatte, Karnataka - 3765
  3. Talacauvery, Karnataka - 3656
  4. Agumbe, Karnataka - 3543
  5. Suralbhi, Karnataka - 3510
  6. Tamini, Maharashtra - 3340
  7. Amgaon, Karnataka - 3310
  8. Yadur, Karnataka - 3290
  9. Kogar, Karnataka - 3276
  10. Kuttiyadi, Kerala - 3229 


Anonymous said...

Good to know the stats, from where do you source the data as the local newspapers in Karnataka hardly report on Talcauvery.
Please post the highest rainfall received among the stations you track in the last 24hours.

Anonymous said...

Great job with the stats.Please post the highest rainfall received among the stations you track in the last 24hours daily.Also Kudremukh and Kerekatte are amongst the highest rainfall recieving stations in karnataka with more than 7000 mm of rainfall annually.So please try to include their rainfall data as well..

Pradeep said...

Kerekatte is there but has not received very heavy rains. Kundermukh is not available.

Anonymous said...

I read an article in a Kannada newspaper about how Hulikal should be called Cherrapunji of South and not Agumbe.According to that from 1960 onwards Hulikal recieved highest rainfall annually 39 times whereas Agumbe recieved only 12 times.It also mentioned that this year till 18th July Hulikal has recieved 4226 mm rainfall.That means Hulikal has crossed 4000 mm mark faster than Thalacauvery.

Pradeep said...

Yes. Got it. From next update see the revised figures. Obtained Hulikal data